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The "Legend of Zelda" franchise is a product of

Nintendo (c)

I do not own the rights to either the LoZ franchise, nor any of the music that is used within this online fan-fic.

While the following fan-fic is an original concept given to the LoZ franchise, this is not officially licensed by Nintendo in any way

and is primarily written for a fun and exciting read.

Please enjoy~

The Legend of Zelda:
The Endless Black Sea

(click for music)

There once was a time

so very long ago

when all the inhabited worlds we know in the black sea were one.

The Black Sea, of course is the old term for what is now given the more scientific term, "space".

The rulers of planet Hyrule, as well as the rest of the solar system have come to the agreement that this fact about the origins of the inhabited worlds is actually proven to be simple mythology.

Science has now become what the rulers of the current worlds deem to be what great minds should achieve for, and chose to forget the supernatural origins of the known world as well as the supernatural balance between good and evil.

Rather than justify the purely scientific theory of the creation of the only known inhabited solar system, I will tell the tale told by mystics and wisemen since before the beginning of history.

From a spiritual realm came three deities; Din the powerful, Nayru the wise, and Farore the courageous.

These three deities easily traveled through the Black Sea in order to create a new world.

Din used her raw power to form the solid matter needed to create the physical world.

Nayru used her divine wisdom to create laws for the physical world to follow.

Then Farore courageously used all her strength to give physical and spiritual life to the world that would take physical appearance and follow the natural laws given them.

This single planet held all known life in the universe on its surface, and it thrived.

After much turmoil and some sort of cataclysmic event, the former world was split into several different worlds.

Races of beings that were once native to the same planet became stricken dumb to this event, and while they were rapidly progressing in technology, they were all beginning to forget their true past.

It is now far from common knowledge the truth behind the splitting of the origin planet. The only remnant of the 'legend days' now put off as mythology aside from the creation of the origin planet, is the tale of a single hero. One who held a sword of unmatchable power in his left hand. One who also held a divine artifact that gave him the power to defeat a malevolent demon and bring peace to all the nations.

I truly desire to unravel the mystery behind the origins of the worlds we know. For it is my duty as a mystic, and sage to bring back the memories of the spiritual realm and get those who inhabit the known worlds back to their senses.

I have also not forgotten about the prophecy of the hero of the legend days returning one day to save us all from a great danger. Perhaps this may happen in my life time?

My name is Aviryin, and I will not choose to forget the legend days.

Especially when I have high hopes that such days will swiftly return...
The Legend of Zelda: the Endless Black Sea

is an original fanfic concept of the LoZ franchise developed by me, Kaidan~

While I do hold this work specifically to be my own, as sated within the deviation itself the Legend of Zelda franchise overall is not my own. "The Legend of Zelda" was first developed by Shigeru Miyamoto and his other colleges, copyright Nintendo. The credit to everything that is referenced within this fan fiction from most(if not all) of the LoZ games including the character/species/area/ect. names and musical numbers used within is given to where it is due; Mr. Miyamoto, and his colleges at Nintendo that have made Zelda games over the years since the first in 1986.

This of course is just the introduction, which covers part of the overall plot setting of the story as well as gives an account of the story behind the creation of the known "Zelda world" which is pretty much the story given in "Ocarina of Time" just relatively in my own words. The story told in the intro also continues, as intended, to go in line with a similar approach as that of the intro to "Wind Waker" as their is a great cataclysm of some sort and the prophecy of the "Hero" returning to save everyone from a dark evil. Key difference, of course is what kind of cataclysm takes place, and the fact that this introduction is being told directly from a character seen later in the story(not to mention how it is even more vague as to the past events leading to the cataclysm). I'll say that there is a much darker reason for the cataclysm. You're just going to have to read further to unveil it for yourself~

Preview Pic: Displays the title of the fan fiction, as well as the Triforce pieces over a starry shot of "Space", or "the Black Sea" as it is referred to in the old terminology of the Zelda world in this story. It was done up with GIMP and my pen tablet. The colored light effects on each of the Triforce pieces was done with the Gradient Flare filter on GIMP(which I think is what came out best in the pic)

Characters so far:
Aviryin~ A "Sage" and "Mystic". Not much more to say about him... yet.

Next installment: Chapter 1 -Part One- "What 'Lo' beheld" ~[link] ~

The full story with text color and embedded music can be seen on a webforum here->[link]
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Glad you're interested! I'll be putting more up throughout the month that I've already typed up on the webforum I originally started this on.
MyCatLovesMe Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, cool! Keep up the good work!
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Will do!
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